The Stertil Dock Products W-Series Curtain Shelters provide optimal sealing for vehicles with various widths and heights which makes it the universal and flexible solution.

The W-Series Curtain Shelters can be 100% tailored to fit and meet all the requirements to seal any type of vehicle which makes the W-Series shelter the most versatile, reliable and effective shelters.

  • Effective and Versatile
  • Very Durable
  • Fully Customisable
  • Reinforced PVC Curtain or POWERFLEX®

Effective and Durable

Stertil Dock Products Curtain dock shelters are made from high quality materials.The combination of an aluminium frame and strong reinforced curtain materials results in a very effective structure that will last for decades.

With a drive-in depth of 400 to 500 mm, the top and side curtains automatically press against the truck. An effective wind protection system keeps the curtains in place even under extreme wind conditions.

Extremely Universal

The curtain shelter is available in four different models including the WL as the standard premium model with maximum versatility, WF model without side panels for use on recessed platforms, WSP model with a fixed frame and the cost effective WE version.

The WL makes the difference

The WL curtain shelter has many unique benefits for the best possible seal. The collapsible aluminium frame prevents damage when vehicles are not correctly docked and has the flexibility to be fully customised. Excellent sealing with various vehicle sizes and optimal standard projection of 600 mm; 750 mm or 900 mm available optionally.  A wide range of vehicles can dock with the WL curtainshelter. The Other advantages are:

  • Optimal drainage of rain water
  • Standard double guidance chevron markings for correct positioning of vehicles to shelter
  • Attractive, stream-lined exterior design
  • Wide range of materials and options
  • Low weight for easy installation

Product Features and Options

Transparent curtain material on the projection section for more daylight
and increased working safety
PVC curtain material in other colours available on request
Double guidance chevron markings help the driver position the vehicle
correctly into the shelter
Special projections of 750 or 900 mm, depending on the
required depth (up to 1,200 mm with the WSP)
Height and/or width adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller vehicles    
Special dimensions for side and/or top curtains. May be combined with
the previous option
Custom bottom pads for sealing against draughts. Available in various
Dock number markings on header curtains
Rubber wind straps to prevent curtain flapping
POWERFLEX® curtain material for extreme and changeable weather
conditions, in particular very low and very high temperatures
Optional extra bottom curtain for ground-level models to seal against
HD bumpers for WSP model to protect fixed sandwich side panels