Telescopic Lip Levellers

The Stertil Dock Products X-Series Telescopic Dock Leveller is a highly practical and fully controllable leveller available in a variety of lip lengths up to 1,000 mm and dynamic capacities from 6-8 tonnes, for accurate and efficient loading and unloading. The X-Series is standardly supplied with an auto-park function. With a push of the button the leveller is brought back to its start position.

  • Climate Control for the Food Industry
  • Ideal for End-Loads
  • Optimum Safety
  • Easy to Operate with Intuitive Controls
  • Versatile, Wide range of Lip Lengths & Capacities

Operational Features

Ideal for end loads

The Stertil Dock Products’ Telescopic Dock Leveller is a highly practical and reliable solution. The telescopic lip is fully controllable at variable lengths of up to 1,000 mm. This makes the dock leveller ideal for efficient loading and unloading end loads at the back of the truck. The long chamfers and the lip angle ensure a smooth transition from the dock leveller to the vehicle floor in every situation.

The various installation methods, wide range of sizes and load capacities of 6 or 8 tonnes make the X-Series telescopic dock leveller very versatile.

Wide Choice of Lip Lengths

The Stertil Dock Products telescopic lip X-Series levellers offer numerous possibilities and can be customised for your loading ba dock situation. The length of the platform will primarily be determined by the height difference between the warehouse floor and the expected range of vehicle loadbeds.

In order to guarantee smoother loading and unloading with less physical strain, Stertil Dock Products base its sizes on a lower maximum incline than is stipulated by the EN 1398 Directive

Standard Sizes – 6 tons models XP – XF

Theoretical working ranges for “Standard” XF – XP and XFH – XPH Series:

Lengths (mm)2000**2200**250028003000350040004500
Above Dock600 MM*340395345385360375410385
1000 MM*365425395435405415450420
Below Dock600 MM*380355335325315425370345
1000 MM*405380375360350460400365
Frame Height (mm)XF – XP585585585585585700700700

Standard Sizes – 8 tons models XFH – XPH

Lengths (mm)2000**2200**2500280030003500
Above Dock600 MM*260280315355380365
1000 MM*285310375410435405
Below Dock600 MM*350335320380255375
1000 MM*370370350310280410
Frame HeightXFH – XPH585585585585700700

Platform width (mm) 1750, 1830, 2000, 2110, 2250
* Calculated with a fully extended 600 mm and 1000 mm lip
** Maximum lip length of 785 mm, for 2000 mm and 2200 mm long models

F = Frame Installation, P = Pit Installation, H = Heavy-Duty, Long life span