Do you want to avoid driving away prematurely and reduce the risk of accidents, serious personal injury to the staff to almost zero? The Stertil Dock Products COMBILOK a patented vehicle restraint system which has proven the most reliable, durable and intelligent vehicle restraint system for loading bays in the industry. The unique COMBILOK vehicle restraint system with integrated wheel guides from Stertil Dock Products gives you peace of mind on your docking bays.

  • Prevents Accidents & Damage
  • Reliable and Minimum Maintenance
  • Integrated Control Mechanism
  • Easy Installation Above Ground
  • Acoustic and Optical signals

Customer Benefits

Reliable, Safe & Minimum Maintenance

The highly durable vehicle restraint COMBILOK system is conveniently installed above ground to guide the wheels of an incoming lorry into a central position in front of the dock for maximum safety and minimum wear. The amount of moving parts on the system has been kept to a minimum meaning that you are not faced with expensive maintenance and repair costs.

Lower or higher wheel blocks are also available, this makes the COMBILOK vehicle restraints an extremely versatile solution.

Prevent Damage with a COMBILOK Wheel Restraint

The risk of damage or accidents during loading and unloading activities increases significantly as a result of tight time constraints. The communication between warehouse staff and drivers in their cabs often leaves a lot to be desired.

Prematurely driving away from the dock while the truck is still being loaded or unloaded or vehicle “creeping” is not uncommon. A vehicle restraint can prevent these risks on the work floor.

More reliable, durable, safer and intelligent than any other system. The unique COMBILOK® vehicle restraint system with integrated wheel guides from Stertil limits all risks and offers many unique safety benefits.

Patented Stertil Hydraulic Technology

The COMBILOK vehicle restraint system incorporates the most sophisticated electrical hydraulic technology with a limited number moving parts. The wheel block is easily operated via a microprocessor and is controlled at the touch of a button on the control panel in the building.

An integral sensor in the wheel block accurately determines the position of the rearmost wheel, whereupon the wheel block is automatically extended and the wheel is restrained.

Maximum Safety

The software ensures that before the wheel restraint system mobilises, acoustic and optical signals are activated for 3 seconds and continue whilst positioning.

The restraining block is fitted with an emergency stop button which can be manually operated and ensures immediately that the activation of the restraint is ceased.

Increased Safety with Integrated Controls

The control panel has foil push buttons and can be interlocked with other dock systems for example, dock levellers and overhead doors. This offers a combined safety circuit. Which means that the lorry continues to be automatically restrained until the dock leveller has returned to its idle position.

For increased safety during loading and unloading and prevent damage to equipment, wheel guides are mounted on the approach to the loading bay. Wheel guides are easy to mount on concrete, concrete driving plates or in based poured into the access route.

The green/red lights on the control panel also ensure that within the distribution centre it is clear to see if the vehicle restraint is still in use. After loading or unloading, the COMBILOK can be unlocked with the touch of a button.

Technical Information

  • Fast wheel restraint process in approx. 30 seconds regardless of the size and position of the wheel
  • Range from platform of 4300mm, working range from wheel restraint of 2800mm. Versatile solution, suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • Wheel block height of just 330mm; suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • Galvanised design for a weather resistant and durable construction consisting of strong tubular material and low height with no moving parts below floor level. 
  • Complete electrical hydraulic operation controlled via a microprocessor.

Installation of the COMBILOK Vehicle Restraint

Due to the above ground installation, the COMBILOK vehicle restraint can be installed simply and flexibly in all new and existing situations. The entire system is easily accessed for servicing and maintenance purposes

In addition, external traffic lights can be installed to ensure clear visual communication to the driver.